ACT Full Face Organic Clutch Kit Stage 2 B Series Cable Clutch 88 to 91 243lbsft mod street disc


- CR-X
- CR-X 88-91 incl SiR / VT
- Integra
- ACT Advanced Clutch Technology
- Civic
- Civic 88-91 hb
- Integra 90-93

ACT Stage  2  organic street clutch kits offer a reliable and dependable clutch for your modified street or race car. The street kit uses the organic disc for smooth engagement and easy daily drivability while still offering high clamp loads to handle your power output.
After building that high powered engine/modified or even an engine with quality bolt on  parts,  you need a quality clutch that can properly transfer that extra  power into motion.
ACT pressure plates provide a generous increase in clamp load which directly increases torque capacity. ACT heat-treats their diaphragms using an exclusive 3-stage process. ACT also harden the release bearing contact area to reduce wear. Stage 2 pressure plates  offer  a moderate to stiff  pedal feel with 20-50% increase in clamp load.
The stage  2 kit from ACT runs a modified street  friction plate: this  is a modified OEM organic street disc with flattened marcels and better friction material for quicker engagement.
Recommended for street  or occassional  race use.
This stage  2 kit comes complete with (HD) pressure plate, (SS)  modified street disc, oe spec release bearing, clutch alignment tool and flywheel bearing (where applicable)

Application:  88-91  Civic/CRX  B Series Cable Clutch  (max torque 243lbs/ft)  performance street disc
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