Acuity 4-way Adjustable Performance Shifter Honda Integra Type R DC5 & K-swap

Easily the most capable RSX shifter, the beauty of the ACUiTY 4-Way Adjustable Performance Shifter is due in part to the careful attention to detail and rigorous testing that went into its nearly 1.5-year design process. Shift knob height is adjustable as much as 30mm (1.2") higher or lower than stock, and the knob position can be adjusted within a 52mm (2") circle to help put the shift knob just where you want it. Gear throw and gate spacing are independently adjustable and allow for mild to rather extreme reductions compared to stock (up to 55% shorter throw and 41% narrower gates). The unique linkage design provides a substantial reduction in throw for quick shifts in a form factor that easily fits under the RSX's console (as well as the DC5 Integra console). This shifter's robust design makes it equally at home in a K-swapped vehicle using an RSX transmission. Using the gate and gear adjustments, it's easy to tune the H-pattern spacing of your shifter to your exact liking. In addition, the shifter's frame is built from a careful combination of aluminum and stainless steel to improve the frame's stiffness while being mindful of weight. A large-diameter, aluminum pivot ball in a wear-compensating, spherical race provides smooth shifting with minimal friction and great long-term wear-resistance. Centering is quick, decisive, quiet, and consistent, compliments of a thick, over-wound centering spring and re-engineered spring perches. On top of all this, the spherical joint in the rocker has been heavily upgraded over the OEM design to allow for wear-compensation, to avoid the play that typically develops in the OEM shifter. 

Works with all M10x1.5 and OEM Honda/Acura shift knobs.

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