BC Racing ER Series Coilovers Civic CRX 88-91 Fork Fitment


- CR-X
- CR-X 88-91 incl SiR / VT
- Civic
- Civic 88-91 hb
- BC Racing

BC Racing's  newest and most advanced model yet is the ER series coilover. It features large external reservoirs front and rear, separate rebound and compression adjustment and a twin piston design. The external reservoirs hold much more oil than the conventional coilover, allowing the coilover to operate for a much longer period of time before overheating. The external reservoirs also house the secondary piston, which allows for the fine tuning of compression.
This is the perfect coilover system for the person who wants to fine tune there setup using the separate, 30-way, rebound and compression tuning dials.
Features Include:

External Resevoir Mono-Tube Shock Absorber Design

30 Levels Of Damping Force Adjustment

Adjust Compression and Rebound Separately

Pillow Ball Top  Mounts

Twin Piston Design

Separate full length height adjustable

One year warranty


Application:   Civic CRX 88-91 Fork Fitment
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