Deatschwerks 750cc Fuel Injectors OBD1/0BD2 92-00 B/D/H/F Series Engines


- Accord 98-02 JDM
- Civic 92-95 4dr Saloon
- Civic 96-00 4dr Saloon
- Del Sol
- Del Sol 92-97
- CR-X
- CR-X 88-91 incl SiR / VT
- Accord
- Accord 94-97 Coupe
- Accord 98-01 Coupe
- Accord 97-02 Saloon (uk model)
- Integra
- Deatschwerks
- Civic
- Civic 96-00 H/B
- Civic 88-91 hb
- Civic 96-00 2dr Coupe
- Civic 92-95 H/B
- Civic 95-00 5dr H/B
- Civic 92-95 2dr Coupe
- Prelude 92-96
- Prelude
- Integra 94-01
- Integra 90-93
- Prelude 97-01
- CR-V
- CR-V 95-01

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Deatschwerks take a unique approach to building our high flow injectors. Other fuel injection companies offer only a couple different styles of injectors and leave fitting them up to the customer. At Deatschwerks every injector they produce is a drop-in fitment for its application. Their injectors are engineered to fit your OEM harness, OEM fuel rail and OEM manifold (see diagram below). All Deatschwerks   high flow fuel injectors are built using only quality OEM cores. In addition, each set is balanced to within a 2% flow variation. This means better fitment, easier tuning, and increased reliability. Deatschwerks back all of their products with a comprehensive 12-month warranty. Most aftermarket injectors go straight from the production line to the shipping department. At Deatschwerks, they have added what they consider a crucial step of flow balancing and quality assurance testing on EVERY set of injectors they produce - not just one or two from each lot. Over 40 data points are collected and analyzed on each injector to be sure customers only receive the best end product. All testing is performed in-house on a custom built New Age Technologies injector flow bench. Below is a brief outline of some of the testing: 6-point coil test Leak testing from 0-100psi RPM Ramp 500-10,000 rpm Pulse Width Ramp 0.5-17ms Spray pattern analysis (open and pulsed) Detailed High Performance Flow Report Every set of Deatschwerks injectors is accompanied by a full color injector report This comprehensive report contains information on your specific injectors that is critical to the high performance tuner such as... Fuel pressure flow rate conversions cc/min and lbs/hr conversions BSFC based horsepower maximims System balance and flow variance All DeatschWerks injectors feature the following: E85 compatibility Flow rates and set balancing in-house by DeatschWerks Flow balanced to within 1-2% (flow report included) Excellent spray pattern and atomization for optimized idle and tuning 3-year comprehensive warranty Fuel Pressure Range 40-90 psi Minimum Pulse Width 1.1 ms Maximum Duty Cycle 92% Coil Impedance 14.2 ohm Injector Type Denso Top Feed Connector Type Sumitomo Nominal Static Flow Rate PSI > 43 58 70 80 90 100 cc/min 740 891 979 1047 1110 1170 lb/hr 70.5 84.9 93.2 99.7 105.7 111.4   

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