Ferodo DS2500 Brake Pads Honda Civic Type R EP3 FN2 S2000 FRONT


- Civic 07-10 H/B
- Civic
- Civic 02-06 hb inc Type R
- S2000
- S2000 99-03
- S2000 04-09

Ferodo DS2500 Performance brake pads are designed for the driver who demands the ultimate in braking performance. They provide the kind of braking power normally associated with racing cars - all without the need to build up and maintain high operating temperatures.
Giving low and high speed braking effciency, reduced stopping distances and consistent brake pedal feel from cold, DS Performance are the driver's choice for safe, high performance braking.
Many high performance brake materials are harsh and can cause faster than normal disc wear. Ferodo DS Performance pads are formulated to minimise disc wear without losing the friction like characteristics associated with  competitors products.

Ferodo DS2500 material has a friction level of approximately 0.50 which remains constant at any speed and at any temperature that the brake system is working at. DS2500 compound is designed for  racing applications thanks to its excellent speed and temperature sensitivity characteristics but it can also be used for fast road use, being a popular choice for owners of high performance cars, modified or increased output cars.
The main characteristics of DS2500 are:      
- Race developed

- Performs equally well on heavy and light cars

- 20% less pad wear than competitive products

- Disc Friendly

- Consistent friction level with changing temperatures and speeds to give optimal pedal modulation

- High friction level at low temperature

- High friction level at very high temperatures

- 35% less compressibility than competitive products (racing pedal feel)

- Less noise for increased driving comfort
Application: Civic Type R EP3 FN2 S2000 FRONT
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Suitable for Civic EK9 Type R, Civic FN2 Type R, CR-Z ZF1 and ZF2, Integra DC2 Type R, Integra DB8 Type R All applications above require the 300x26mm conversion disc 45251-5H11416 S2000 profile brake pad required.