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- Civic 02-06 hb inc Type R

The Honda Civic Type R Decat  is one of the easiest and most  cost effective ways to increase power through unrestricted exhaust gas flow available. Manufcatured from high grade polished  stainless steel 2.5inch  pipe with built in resonator to decrease boominess, this innovative decat pipe allows you to delete the extremely restrictive oe catalytic converter from your vehicles exhaust system.

The  UK Spec Honda Civic Type R  had  a massive restriction built into  its exhaust system for 2 reason. Firstly to reduce power  for insurance group  purposes and secondly to meet the ever more strict emissions laws (for emissions tax banding).
The catalytic converter was fitted from 1992  in order to reduce exhaust emissions and convert harmful gasses into water, carbon dioxide and nitrogen. The "cat" is manufcatured from a honeycomb comprising of precious metals which, when up to operating  temp of  1000 degrees c, catalyses these gasses. The issue lies in the honeycomb design as exhaust gas is restricted. This is hugely apparent on the  Civic Type R EP3 as the input into the cat is 2.65 inch and output is a mere 2inch!!!!
The Civic Type  decat is a simple bolt on fitment that replaces the entire catalytic converter/downpipe so you can have a free flowing powerful and efficient exhaust system. Most aftermarket  exhaust systems are designed to fit the stock "cat" so we recommend changing the exhaust systemfor a high flow item.  
The Civic Type R runs an OBD2 system that implements the use of 2 oxygen sensors: one before the cat and one after. Removal of the cat from the vehicle will force the "check engine light" to illuminate and in some cases reduce power as the car will be running in "safe mode". The Hond-R O2 Simulator is needed for any Decat to work on these systems.
Application: Civic Type R EP3 UK Spec
Note: vehicles manufactured later than 1992 require a cat to pass emissions test on the M.O.T so the decats are sold as off road/race use only and will have to have the cat replaced to pass M.O.T yearly.

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