Innovative Mounts J Series V6 Conversion Mount Kit Civic 92-95 / DelSol 92-97 / Integra 94-01 / Civic 95-00 5dr MB With Alternator Bracket Steel


- Civic 92-95 4dr Saloon
- Del Sol
- Del Sol 92-97
- Integra
- Civic
- Civic 92-95 H/B
- Civic 95-00 5dr H/B
- Civic 92-95 2dr Coupe
- Integra 94-01

With this kit, you can now put a J Series V6 Swap into your Civic 92-95 / DelSol 92-97 / Integra 94-01 / Civic 95-00 5dr MB with very little modification. Designed to fit all J30/32/35 Series motors. Positions the motor with no axle bind. Unique no-tear vibration minimizing bushings. Comes complete with alternator relocator bracket. CAD/CAM Designed. Stress Analyzed. Lifetime warranty.

Innovative mounts are world leaders in Honda engine mount technology and have been designing and manufacturing innovative engine mount solutions for Honda and Acura chassis for over 10 years. Innovative mounts not only design and manufacture upgraded replacement mounts but also mounts for engine conversions allowing most Honda engines to be fitted with ease into most of Hondas chassis.

Quality, Precision, and Performance are the key factors Innovative Mounts was founded on and they use their own blend of urethane to offer unique no-tear vibration minimizing bushings. All applications are CAD/CAM designed and are Stress Analyzed. All innovative products come with a Limited Lifetime warranty.

Engine mounts are offered in 2 different hardnesses depending on their use:

85a. Race applications with very high horspower where the 75a would not cope, this hardness will create vibration at idle and high rpm but will mount the engine with near no movement under load conditions GREY

95a. Extreme over 600HP applications only. High power track, race and 1/4 mile. Not recommended for unstrengthened chassis and mount points. RED

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