Kaaz 1 5 way LSD Civic Delsol 92 to 00 std Open Diff


- Civic 96-00 4dr Saloon
- Del Sol
- Del Sol 92-97
- Integra
- Civic
- Civic 96-00 H/B
- Civic 96-00 2dr Coupe
- Civic 92-95 H/B
- Civic 95-00 5dr H/B
- Civic 92-95 2dr Coupe
- Civic 92-95 4dr Saloon
- Integra 94-01

Differentials are vital components when it comes to Motorsports and fast road racing. This Vital component controls your tyres traction  in order to accomplish certain driving styles. Kaaz L.S.D's are no strangers to the world of sport compact motorsports racing. With experience ranging from on-road,drag,drift...Kaaz L.S.D's are designed to fit your every possible request for a quality and functional L.S.D.
On every car a basic differential is fitted to distribute the engine's power to the driving wheels. The basic oe non L.S.D  differential gear supplies the power to the wheels which are loaded with  the  least tractive  resistance. This allows the car's wheels to run at different speeds when turning with least resistance and completely silent operation.
However, when a car is cornering close to it's limit, the car will exhibit roll, a leaning to one side, causing the inside tyre to lose forward traction and lateral grip. The wheels lift and cause excessive spin because of lack of downward force or weight distribution. This wheel spin is useless for acceleration until the tyre regains traction and starts to redistribute power to the ground. Limited Slip Differential (LSD) is needed to alleviate this wheelspin.

Using a 1.5 way LSD is beneficial to most road race vehicles. It locks up both wheels on acceleration. This allows a much smoother transition when you are cornering with deceleration.
Some manufacturers make LSD's in different configurations and are commonly classified as 1 way, 1.5 way and 2 way. This designation reflects the design of the cam groove which enables the LSD to function differently under different loads. A 1 way differential means that the cam is shaped in such way as to have positive lock only when accelerating. The 2 way is constructed in a way to have positive lock motion in both acceleration and deceleration mode. The 1.5 way functions almost same as a 2 way but provides less lock when decelerating. The 1.5 way can provide more forgiving balance when braking than a full 2 way setup, although it is less effective for true racing applications, it provides easier operation for beginners in throttle off conditions. 1.5 way is also very effective for front wheel drive cars which need extra stability during braking.

Warning: KAAZ 1.5 Way L.S.D is noisy during operation and can cause vibration through drivetrain
Application: 92-00 Civic/Delsol JDM with stock open diff
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