M Factory Racing Axles/Driveshafts K-Series Civic/Integra EP3/DC5 5x114.3 (36mm hub nut)


- Integra
- Civic
- Civic 02-06 hb inc Type R
- Integra 01-06

Put more power to the ground with the MFactory Racing Axles, designed specifically for the high performance Road/Race market and conservatively rated to 450whp.

Made from imported Japanese Steel
Axle Shafts & 10% larger 6-Ball CV Joints Forged from High-Nickel Chromoly Steel & put through our proprietary heat treatment process
Hollow center shaft core reduces rotational weight by 30%!
High quality Silicone CV Boots to minimize the ripping or tearing normally associated with cheap rubber boots
100% OEM replacement/fitment and includes new ABS Rings
£609.00 Delivery - POA