Seibon Carbon Fibre Hood Honda Accord 03-08 CL7/CL9 OEM Style


- Accord
- Accord 03+ Saloon / Tourer

Seibon Carbon Fibre  Hoods are carefully hand crafted and meticulously inspected to create some of the highest quality Carbon Fibre  Hoods available. Besides true rolled edges, highest quality  and most acclaimed clear UV protective coating, Seibon only uses one-piece carbon sheets to construct their Hoods unlike alot of the competition......
Seibon utilises high tech resins in the clear coat to ensure their products last, don't fade and are resiliant to normal road wear and tear. Seibon manufactures their  hoods from wet hand laid carbon with frp backing skeleton  to ensure structural integrity, competitive price and an item that fits extremely well. Seibon are the aftermarkets most used manufacturer for carbon fibre hoods.  
Seibon Carbon is extremely lightweight, strong and is designed to be an O.E fit using all original latches and hinges where applicable and is Grade A+ carbon fibre.
Note: For extra safety, Seibon Carbon Inc advise all hoods to be used in conjunction with race approved hood pins.
Application: Accord CL7/CL9 03-08

PLEASE NOTE. This application is patterned off the facelift accord 06-08 so does not have a fitting for the chrome/coloured trim that located on the front of the hood.

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