Skunk2 Alpha Series Valve Spring Set K Series DOHC iVTEC / F20C


- Civic 07-10 H/B
- Civic 07-09 4dr Saloon
- Accord
- Accord 03+ Saloon / Tourer
- Accord 08+ Saloon / Tourer
- Integra
- Civic
- Civic 02-06 hb inc Type R
- Integra 01-06
- S2000
- S2000 99-03
- S2000 04-09
- CR-V
- CR-V 02-06
- CR-V 06+

Skunk2 Alpha Series valve springs are made from super clean chrome silicone wire milled in Japan.
By using inner and outer valve springs with very different natural frequencies and also using a slight interference fit between the two springs, tuner series valve springs prevent valve float and maintain valvetrain stability at over 10,000 rpms.
Alpha Series valve springs are designed for use with Skunk2 Titanium Retainers on Street/Race vehicles running moderate to high lift cams and all Skunk2 Tuner Series Cams.  
Skunk2 designs, develops and tests all of our valvetrain components in-house to ensure the highest quality and greatest performance gains. During development, all valvetrain components are tested in engines both on the dyno and on the road. Manufactured from the best materials available,  Skunk2's valvetrain components provide exceptional performance, reliability, and quality.
Application:  K Series  DOHC iVTEC:  K20A/ A2/ A3/ Z1/ Z2/ Z3 &   K24A1/ A2/ A3/ A4/ A8 / F20C Skunk2 Tuner Series Cams /  Moderate/High Lift Cams Exceeding stock rpm limit. 16 valve springs
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