Skunk2 Billet Lower Control Arms Hard Anodized Integra DC5 01-06


- Integra
- Integra 01-06
- CR-V
- CR-V 02-06

Ideal for street and race applications, Skunk2 Rear Lower Control Arms replace your stock arms while retaining factory suspension geometry. The Skunk2 Rear Lower Control Arms are forged from aircraft quality AL2024 billet aluminum, precision CNC machined and are over 25% lighter than stock arms. Skunk2 Lower Control Arms feature adjustable sway bar mounting holes so you can fine tune the feel and balance of the rear suspension, and also feature low deflection polyurethane bushing which act as bearings for quicker response and a more positive feel. By allowing the arm to rotate freely about the bushing, Skunk2 eliminated the tearing and unseating commonly found with fixed rubber bushings
In order to make the aluminum are stronger than the factory arm, it is necessary to increase the cross sectional thickness of the aluminum arm in the mounting are. But this cannot be properly achieved unless a longer bolt is provided. If the cross sectional thickness was increased using the stock bolt, the thread engagement would be insufficient
The reason Skunk2 used a design which incorporates a ‘step’ where the mounting plate transitions into the beam is to eliminate stress risers that occur with the arm. Through extensive FEA analysis, we determined that conventional ‘straight and flat’ designs are all plagued by internal stress risers. In other words, if an arm is not designed properly, stresses will concentrate in various areas of the arm. The material will begin to fail (fracture) from these highly stressed areas. The way the Skunk2 arm is shaped and tapered are all a direct result of eliminating stress risers. Any properly designed arm needs to be strong first, and pretty second.
This applies to the DC5 and  EP3. When a steel bolt is tightened directly onto aluminum, there is a tendency for the aluminum to deform over time because of the higher point load applied to the material; in otherwords, the bolt will loosen over time as the material beneath it compresses. To prevent this from happening, Skunk2’s are utilizes a steel clamping plate that distributes the loads over a greater surface area and prevents the bolts from loosening. Again, a longer bolt is needed in order to incorporate the use of steel clamping plates and Skunk2 include the lca bolts removal tool.
Application: Integra DC5 01-06    
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