Spoon Sports 4-2 Manifold Civic Type R EP3 / Integra Type R DC5


- Integra
- Civic
- Civic 02-06 hb inc Type R
- Integra 01-06

Spoon sports have been at the forefront of Honda Tuning products for decades and have perfected their production method creating products that rival Honda's oem quality. Tested and developed with close ties to Honda Manufacturing, Spoon Sports products are a fantastic addition to any Honda.

The Spoon 4-2 manifold provides improved exhaust flow with an emphasis on mid-range power and response. All of Spoon's headers feature the 'far insert' production method to eliminate port level differences and are assembled through TIG welding. Spoon headers are also extremely light, providing an added weight reduction benefit.

The 2-1 downpipe is recommended for use with the 4-2 header.
SKU: 18100-DC5-000-C
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