Spoon Sports B Pipe Exhaust System Jazz/Fit 01-08 GD1/3


- Jazz/Fit 01-08
- Jazz/Fit

Spoon Sports, one of Honda's only approved performance parts manufacturers, N1  B-Pipe was originally designed for the N1 series race vehicles. Through increasing popularity, Spoon Sports released this item for race and street enthusiasts alike.
Spoon Sports N1 B-Pipe is designed to be free flowing without restriction and a direct bolt on replacement* working extremely well with the Spoon Sports N1 Backboxand an Uprated high flow exhaust manifold.
Spoon Sports N1  B-Pipe follows the direct oe Honda exhaust route with oe honda coupling flanges making it a direct fit and suitable replacement for all axle back setups also. True Japanese build quality and fitment.
*NOTE: Spoon Sports N1 B-Pipe is designed for JDM vehicles as a direct replacement. UK Spec vehicles will need to modfiy pipe length, fit an adjustable decat or use a JDM Cat for fitment.
Application: Jazz/Fit 01-08
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