Suitable for Civic EK9 Type R, Civic FN2 Type R, CR-Z ZF1 and ZF2, Integra DC2 Type R, Integra DB8 Type R All applications above require the 300x26mm conversion disc 45251-5H11416 S2000 profile brake pad required.

The Spoon 4-pot caliper has been specifically designed and tested for Honda applications. Unlike other 4-pot calipers, Spoon calipers are direct fit and are designed to work with the stock brake system, including the ABS. Spoon calipers use stock Honda size brake pads, which gives users incredible flexibility in choosing pads and controlling future costs. The 4-pot calipers significantly improve both high speed braking and brake pedal feel and its consistency during track use.

The 4-pot design also makes pad wear more even and minimizes rotor warpage. The aluminium construction greatly reduces un-sprung weight. These benefits are achieved while maintaining a stock feel for daily driving.

Spoon calipers are manufactured by Nissin, the OE supplier of all Honda brakes. When the S2000 was released, Spoon designed the mono-block caliper with a one piece construction and greatly improved rigidity. This has now been made available for most models of Honda.

PLEASE NOTE: This caliper kit is for use with the CL7, DC2 EK9, CR-Z. For installation you will also require a pair of 300mm discs, these can also be supplied: Part number 45251-5H11416

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