Stoptech Powerslot Grooved Performance Discs Accord Type R CH1 / Euro R CL1 OE 300mm 5X114 3 FRONT


- Accord 98-02 JDM
- Accord
- Accord 97-02 Saloon (uk model)

Stoptech Powerslot one-piece direct replacement rotors fit stock calipers and are a direct replacement for stock oe rotors. Drilling or slotting helps wipe away the debris that forms between the pad and the disc and adds more bite. The rotor finish helps prevent glazing of the pads and improves wet and dry braking performance. Most StopTech rotors have a durable coating on the non-swept areas of the rotor to prevent unsightly corrosion.
Excessive heat can cause resins in your brake pad to vaporize or "outgas." As the brake pad wears, the used friction material turns into a fine dust. This boundary layer of heat, gas and dust builds up between the pad and rotor surfaces and inhibits performance and causes brake fade.  This is  where Power Slot's slotted brake rotors make a big difference in minimising brake fade and maximising efficiency as the rotor is continuously deglazing the brake pad.
The  slots on the disc face  also serve as a visual wear indicator. The slot is machined to the rotor’s minimum thickness where it crosses the outside edge. If you cannot see the slot along the outside edge, the rotor has worn down to its discard depth.
Application: Accord Type R CH1 / Euro R CL1
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Suitable for Civic EK9 Type R, Civic FN2 Type R, CR-Z ZF1 and ZF2, Integra DC2 Type R, Integra DB8 Type R All applications above require the 300x26mm conversion disc 45251-5H11416 S2000 profile brake pad required.