TD62-U Distributor Accord H22A7


- Prelude 92-96
- Prelude

Honda Distributors are common to fail between 80,000 and 100,000 miles. Hond-R have teamed with an oe quality distributor manufacturer to provide replacement distributors at a fraction of the price from Honda. Honda distributors vary in price from  300 to  400 plus vat. Honda Distributors play a vital role in the running of your enigne and house a number of vital sensors and assemblies such as coil, crack position sensor and camshaft sensor to name a couple. Symptoms of a failed or failing distributor include: Non start Intermittant Non start Dancing rpm needle Check engine lights Bad idle Misfire Noisy bearings Seized bearings Hond-R distributors carry a 2-3 year warranty (depending on model) and are brand new units (not rebuilds) and are complete including rotor arm and distributor cap. We do ask for your old unit in exchange so we can offer rebuilds and inspect damage to the original unit. (please ask for surcharge details when ordering) There is a number stamped on one of the 3 arms of the distributor which can be faint to read. This number usually starts with "TD" and is followed by 2 numbers and a "U"....i.e "TD44-U" Please include this number in your order if possible to ensure the correct distributor is supplied. If you have any doubt, please contact us prior to ordering. Application: TD62-U Distributor Accord H22A7 Click "add to shopping cart" To Buy

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