Tein Super Racing Dampers S2000 99-09 AP1/AP2


- S2000
- S2000 99-03
- S2000 04-09

Developed from actual competition, TEIN was able to create a fully adjustable damper that can be easily tuned for any track and weather conditions. Super Racing Dampers utilize a full-length adjustment system to allow shock length and spring pre-load to be adjusted independently. Separate 16 - way adjustments for compression and rebound damping enable the user to fine tune for any situation. TEIN has incorporated both camber and caster adjustment into the front pillow ball upper mounts for strut type vehicles. External reservoirs on SA type dampers allow for added oil capacity. Spring rates and shock valving were derived for many years of motorsports support, to provide the ultimate damper for competition. Designed and tested for circuit use by advanced and professional drivers who are seeking complete damper tuning capability.

Additional Features:

Steel Construction

Mono Tube internal construction

Inverted design for strut type front and rear

Ride Height adjustable via threaded body and spring seats

16    16 way adjustable dampers, compression and rebound separately adjustable

Pillow ball upper mounts for increased steering feel

Upper and lower camber adjustment on front for strut type vehicles

Caster adjustment on front for strut type vehicles

Dual EDFC (Electronic Damping Force Controller) compatible

Powder coated brackets with Teflon coated shock body for heavy duty rust prevention

Contents of Damper Kit:

Adjustable Shock Absorber    4

Some applications include helper springs

Pillow ball Upper Mount    4

Lower Spring Seat    4

Seat Lock    8

* Springs are sold separately.

Bump Rubber    4

Hook Spanner    2

Dust Cover    4

Instruction Manual    1

Sticker Sheet    1
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