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Jeremy Lookofsky, owner of DRAG CARTEL INDUSTRIES, is an icon in the sport compact world for his world records and championship titles over the past 15 years. The most recent milestone for Drag Cartel was being the first 4 cylinder All-Motor car into the 8's running 8.93@150mph in 2012! We look forward to bringing that strength and reliability to other teams and forms of racing across the world.

At Drag Cartel, we complete every job flawlessly. Not only do we staff each job with a dedicated support team, we bring every project to completion right within our own facility. We maintain the highest quality control through team consistency.

We pride ourselves on keeping our partners and clients highly informed and remaining attentive to their needs. Communication is key in this business. Through team effort, constant communication, and commitment to do our best, nothing falls through the cracks. With these strengths that we offer, we feel we can push the limits above and beyond any other brand.

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