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Exoracing Gold and Silver Velcro Heat Sleeve 0.5m

Exoracing Gold and Silver Velcro Heat Sleeve 0.5m


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Why Should You Use Velcro Heat Sleeve?

Our Exoracing velcro heat sleeve reflective barriers are an exceptional choice for safeguarding vital engine lines from heat damage, such as wiring, coolant lines or turbocharger oil feed lines.

The Velcro heat sleeve is made of lightweight polymer laminated glass cloth that can withstand temperatures up to 250°C. It effectively protects against prolonged exposure or high manifold temperatures.

What sets our velcro reflective heat sleeve apart from other options is its ability to reflect 80% radiant heat while saving weight over conventional options.

It is perfect for those seeking a lightweight alternative to traditional heavy materials. Applying the reflective heat sleeve to preassembled hoses with minimal clearance is a breeze, thanks to Velcro fastening.

You don't need to disassemble troublesome lines such as AN lines; unhook the Velcro heat sleeve and reinstall.

This reflective velcro heat sleeving is a versatile solution for numerous engine lines, including oil feed lines, drain lines, coolant lines, power steering lines, and any other line that may be exposed to excessive engine bay heat.

By using our Exoracing heat sleeve reflective barriers, you can rest assured that your fuel, oil and brake lines are protected from the harmful effects of heat damage.

Purchase Includes:

  • 1 x Exoracing 0.5m Velcro Heat Reflective Sleeve
  • 1 x Exoracing Lifetime Warranty


  • Available in Gold or Silver
  • Sold in 0.5m lengths, but can be supplied up to a continuous 20m
  • Available sizes (Inner Diameter): 15/20/25/30mm
  • Reflects up to 80% of radiant heat
  • Manufactured from high-quality materials
  • Maximum Temperature: 250°C
  • Installation: self-application Velcro
  • Exoracing lifetime warranty

Velcro Heat Sleeve Installation Guide:

Installation of gold or silver velcro heat sleeve is very simple and easy:

  1. Cut the velcro heat sleeve to the desired length to match the hose you're fitting it over.
  2. Unfasten the velcro, wrap it around the hose or wiring you wish to protect and fasten the velcro back up.
  3. Ensure the logo tag or velcro does not touch a direct heat source to guarantee long-lasting protection.

Technical Specifications:

Exterior Material: Gold or silver reflective foil face
Inner Material: Polymer laminated glass cloth
Other Material: Velcro hook and loop
Lengths: Sold in 0.5m, but available up to 20m continuous
Colour: Available in gold or silver
Inner Diameter Available: 15/20/25/30mm
Warranty: Exoracing lifetime warranty


  • Velcro heat sleeve is not fire retardant due to the nature of velcro. Look at our silicone fire sleeve product line for a hose over 250°C.
  • Wear gloves when installing, as the laminated glass cloth may irritate sensitive skin.
  • Do not touch a direct heat source, as this could potentially cause the sleeve to melt or cause a fire.
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