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Exoracing Titanium or Carbon Exhaust Wrap

Exoracing Titanium or Carbon Exhaust Wrap


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Why Should You Use Exhaust Wrap?

Using exhaust heat wrap is an affordable and simple way to manage the temperature in your engine bay. Its primary benefits are lowering engine bay temperatures and improving exhaust gas flow.

Exhaust wrap is easy to install and is a popular heat management method for racing teams worldwide. To use it, wrap the exhaust heat around your manifold and secure it with the cable ties.

Your car's exhaust system carries hot exhaust gas from the engine, reaching temperatures up to 1200 degrees in extreme cases. A hot manifold and exhaust system can harm engine performance by raising the intake air temperature. Engines perform best at optimal temperatures; cooler intake temperatures produce better performance and more power.

When the cooling system can't keep the engine at optimal temperatures, heat can build up in the engine components, reducing efficiency and power. Excessive heat in the engine bay can damage delicate parts such as bearings, fluid lines, and wiring.

Once you start increasing horsepower, this will become a huge issue, and we've seen wiring, vacuum lines and many other components completely melt. Exhaust wrap will fix this problem and massively reduce the temperature close to the exhaust.

Our exhaust heat wrap can reduce radiating heat from the exhaust through the firewall or chassis and lower temperatures, benefiting your vehicle with virtually no downside.

Purchase Includes:

  • 1 x Exoracing exhaust wrap
  • 4 x Exoracing cable ties
  • 1 x Exoracing lifetime warranty


  • Reduces under bonnet temperatures
  • Protects nearby components from heat damage
  • Superior durability and heat retention
  • Material: titanium fibreglass
  • Temperature continuous: 980°C
  • Temperature intermittent: 1350°C
  • Includes: 4 x stainless cable ties
  • Exoracing lifetime warranty

Exhaust Wrap Installation Guide:

When installing exhaust wrap, you will want to follow this guide to ensure everything is installed correctly and you get the best performance out of your product.

If you need a visual representation of the exhaust wrap being installed, click the video tab above or head over to the Exoracing YouTube channel to find an installation guide!

Please be careful when installing the exhaust wrap and follow all the safety steps not to hurt yourself or cause skin irrritation.

  1. Firstly, you must wear gloves as loose fibres can irritate sensitive skin.
  2. Next, spray the exhaust wrap with water using a spray bottle or soak it in a bowl of water to make the exhaust wrap more pliable and allow it to pull tighter around the pipe you're wrapping.
  3. Wrap the exhaust wrap around the pipe once to find the length of one rotation, then follow this all the way to the end of the pipe so you know exactly how much exhaust wrap to cut off.
  4. Cut the desired length using scissors or any other sharp cutting tool, but be careful not to hurt yourself.
  5. Make a 45-degree overlap on the end of what you're wrapping to ensure you don't get any fraying from the end of the wrap in the future.
  6. Wrap the exhaust wrap around the pipe, pull as tightly as possible, and use a 20mm overlap to ensure complete pipe coverage.
  7. Lastly, use the included metal cable ties at both ends of the pipe, ensuring there are no slack exhaust wrap sections, and you're done!
  8. Don't be alarmed if the exhaust wrap starts smoking slightly when the exhaust or pipe is getting hot, this is a normal process, and is the exhaust wrap burning off the excess moisture.

We have written a full guide for how to install exhaust wrap. This guide includes images of every step and a video if you would rather watch the installation process.

Just click the link here to head over to our installation page:

Exhaust wrap installation guide

Technical Specifications:

Material: Titanium Fibreglass
Temperature Continuous: 980°C
Temperature Intermittent: 1350°C
Available Width: 5cm, 2.5cm
Available Length: 5m, 10m, 15m
Available Colour: Carbon, Titanium
Warranty: Exoracing Lifetime Warranty


  • It is always recommended to soak the exhaust wrap in water when installing and to have a consistent overlap on the piping to reduce heat spots.
  • We also recommend using gloves when installing or handling exhaust wrap, especially if sensitive to fibreglass, as this can cause skin irritation.
  • Due to its nature, the exhaust wrap will smoke after installation for a few heat cycles. This is nothing to worry about and is just the exhaust wrap burning off excess moisture.
  • If exhaust wrap has run through heat cycles and has to be removed for any reason, you cannot reuse it.
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