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HOND-R / ONAMISSION Rack Slider CRV/DC5/EM2/EP chassis

HOND-R / ONAMISSION Rack Slider CRV/DC5/EM2/EP chassis


We have teamed up with Onamission to produce a solid rack slider for the Civic EP/Integra DC/CRV and Civic EM2 chassis steering racks.
We have had these produced by a local company to us, who specalise in CNC machining, they have produced many parts for race cars inc Formula 1 teams. 

These rack sliders are made from Delrin  that is used for high-load mechanical applications, so the perfect material for the slider.

These are going to be used in the refurbished steering racks from Onamission, but we thought that some customers would like to buy them to fit themselves.

They may be listed cheaper than other ones, but the quality is not compromised on these, these are being sold at an introductory price, they will be retailing more after a set period.

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